Bryan the DJ is the best DJ in Charleston.

But he’s also so much more!

Scroll down to see the types of events, styles of weddings, and specialty services he provides that other DJs just…well, don’t.

Wedding DJ

Bryan the DJ has performed for over 1,000 weddings. His musical background and years performing as a guitarist and DJ have perfectly tuned his skills to these types of events. Whether you need him for the rehearsal dinner, the reception or just the ceremony or all of the above, Bryan the DJ brings his passion and love of music to every event and ensures your day is as perfect as you want it to be.

Ceremony Music

Bryan the DJ was classically trained at the University of South Carolina to play guitar. With the ability to play a wide variety of instrumental contemporary music, Bryan offers acoustic guitar for wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours, parties, and other types of events to offer the music unique combination of live music and DJ services available.

Special Events

Bryan the DJ is the ultimate Special Event DJ.  Name a genre and Bryan the DJ will spin it into the mix seamlessly and effortlessly.  Bryan the DJ has performed for all types of corporate parties, clubs, after parties, you name it, Bryan the DJ crushes the dancefloor every time.

Acoustic Guitar

No matter what type of event you are hosting, Bryan the DJ can combine is acoustic guitar stylings with DJ services.  Bryan offers an instrumental version of a great variety of music from contemporary artists like Adele, Zack Brown, and Jack Johnson to classic artists like James Taylor, Otis Redding and Al Green.

Hindi Weddings

Bryan the DJ specializes also in traditional Hindi weddings and Hindi/multicultural weddings. As a student of Indian classical music in Nepal and India, Bryan the DJ learned to play the Sitar and offers a performance of this classical music for Hindi ceremonies. Bryan the DJ has also mixed and remixed Bollywood, Bhangra and other styles of Hindi music and has DJ’d for many incredible Hindi weddings throughout his career.

Multi-cultural Weddings

As the owner and President of OtherBrother Entertainment, Bryan the DJ is a creative force willing to go into any new musical territory to create an incredible mix of music for his clients. Whether you require a mix of Latin and Western music, or Hindi and Top 40, or Country and Salsa, Bryan has the skill to cross over to any genre of music and cater to his guests’ musical needs.


One of the trade secrets to making your event venue “pop” is the incorporation of “uplighting” with the decor. This simple addition can make the room more dramatic, more intimate, or more fun! If the decor is lavish and over the top, uplighting highlights it. And if the decor is simple and budget conscious, uplighting can make a high-end impact.

Bryan the DJ can include uplighting with your DJ or ceremony music services, making your event look as great as it sounds!

Ceremony Audio

You’re pouring tons of money and effort into making your wedding ceremony over-the-top amazing. But if your guests can’t hear the music or the officiant, they’re going to be too distracted to enjoy it!

Bryan the DJ can provide a complete audio package with his music and DJ services that will make your wedding ceremony sound as good as it looks! Your guests will be able to relax and enjoy the whole experience without distraction…and you will, too!